What Makes Right Corner Consulting Stand Out

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Thanks for stopping by our blog. If you’re looking for more information about Right Corner Consulting, you’ve come to the right place.

About Right Corner Consulting

We are a Direct Sales and Marketing Firm in Irving Texas, specializing in maximizing outreach for clients by creating great first impressions with their customers.

We originally started in Houston, TX. However, after the pandemic struck, our CEO, Missy Berney, made the mid-cross country move to Ontario, CA, and then on to Lakewood, CA. It enabled her to learn about the LA market while acquiring new clients and building a team of champions.

Our team works from an office in Culver City, CA, near LMU and the Fox Hills Mall (about ten minutes away from Marina Del Rey). It allows us to serve clients in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We are open from Monday-Friday between 8 AM to 5 PM.

The Right Corner Consulting Difference

One aspect that makes us second to none is our inclusive company culture. We strive to create a friendly environment for all our employees by offering mentorship, leadership training, and fun nights out.

We also believe that if an organization is not growing, it dies! Therefore, we’re constantly trying to improve by adapting to the changing markets, our client’s needs, and the latest trends.

Additionally, our work ethic also sets us apart as we strive to be 1% better each day to help our clients grow. It includes analyzing problems, being solutions-oriented, and providing one-on-one attention, which fosters trust and builds rapport. To ensure we’re on the same page, we consistently over-communicate the game plan. We also feel that our client’s goals align with our vision, and when they grow, we also win.

So whether it’s increasing QR codes for more feedback or arranging late-night meetings to tweak things, we pull out all the stops to get results. Our dynamic approach has made us successful.

Sweet Taste of Success

One of our most significant achievements has been our growth story. We started working from a small WeWork space, so when we moved into our own building, it was a huge accomplishment. Today, we’ve also grown from six to twenty-five employees.

In addition, we are proud of the accolades we’ve scooped, including Top Producing Office in March 2022 and Successful Business Partners in October 2022.

Our dream for the future is to expand our presence into eight new markets and pick up more clients this year. We are currently at three and aim to reach five by 2023.

We also believe in giving back to society, and as part of that belief, we support Breast Cancer Research, and our team attends walk-a-thons in LA.

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To learn more about all that we do at Right Corner Consultingplease click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you. Please call  (469) 501-1514Alternatively, if you would like to join our team, please send a cover letter and your resumé to hr@rightcornerconsulting.com.